Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Lying Reality Show Pastor

"Treasure Hunters" premiered with the predictable teams of people, ranging from the "Miss USA"'s (which really weren't Miss USA's after all!) to the "geniuses" who almost lost the first challenge. But the highlight of the first episode had to be the Fogal Family. While EVERY other team on the race had a special name, the Fogals were just the "Fogal Family." Maybe because if they had a team name it would be "Hypocritical Christians."

Now before we get too down on the lying pastor who stole another team's item, we'll admit that reality shows DISTORT THE TRUTH--so we can only judge based on what we saw. But in a "confessional" moment the pastor (Brad) told the cameras that he would lie if he had to in order to win and worry about the consequences later. Just the kind of guy you want to lead a group of believers, right?

But when he admittedly took something from another team at "strategy" that was another offense against the Ten Commandments. So by the end of the first episode the ONLY bad guy was the Christian pastor!

Producers love to set up caricatures of people but this was particularly shocking. While the other teams worried about working with each other, the Fogals seemed to the be ones with the most "game strategy," namely the most willing to cheat and lie. What a disappointment for Christian characters.

Now I've met many reality stars and know that YOU CAN'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON TV, especially on reality shows. Jerri Manthey from Survivor told us at the reality convention a couple weeks ago that the people who are portrayed as evil on shows are usually the good people in real life, and the people who are shown as the heroes on reality shows are usually the bad guys in real life. So if her theory is through, the Fogals are getting shafted by producers.

However, all reality stars admit that producers use material given to them by the contestants--so Pastor Fogal DID say he would lie if he had to and he DID steal something from another team. Now there may be much more to those stories, but he certainly gave them enough evidence to convict him of being the evil character on the first episode of Treasure Hunters.

So there are two lessons: first, if you are a believer then live your life that way whether you are pastoring a church or playing a game; and second, don't ever trust the camera's of reality shows to reveal truth!


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